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February 2nd, 2020...I kinda wasted the day. Felt like I was in a light haze all day with my brain lagging behind my body by at least 20 minutes. Only at the end of the day did I realize I didn't spend any quality time with my kids. I honestly don't even really know what I did all afternoon.

When I'm older and my kids are out of the house, I know I'll look back at days like this and mourn the lost opportunity. Gotta use these moments of lucidity to do better.

Super Party at David's. There were so many youngsters we had to leave at halftime. I need to spend time to try better understand Generation Z, but tonight wasn't the night. Also, I refused to be iced. I'm too old for that.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody. Really well done. Fantastic acting. Freddy Mercury's life was pretty sad. I can now confirm the kid from Jurassic Park is all grown up.

Weekly Recap: Diet

Nailed my diet all week – 1850 calories or less and 180+ grams of protein each day. Except today. While I did my best at David's Super Bowl party, great restraint (and showing proper regard for hospitality) found me 400 calories over. It's a small thing, but I loathe any hiccup when I'm in lock-down mode. Sometimes one slip is all it takes for a full backslide.

Weekly Recap: Workouts

I hit the HIIT classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday; weightlifting on Wednesday and Saturday; and the gym competition on Friday.

It wasn't a heavy strength week though. That starts tomorrow.

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