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March 22nd, 2020...It's surreal to think about how different life has become since last weekend.

Last Saturday we went out for gourmet waffles for brunch as a family. We were all aware of the coronavirus but we were washing our hands and the virus was "only" affecting older immunocompromised people (not something to discard, but it didn't threaten us personally).

The kids stayed over at Jen's sisters and we spent the weekend selling furniture on Facebook Marketplace. The interactions had no hand shakes and we chuckled at the occassional elbow bump. We sold a lot of stuff. We're moving in a few weeks, after all. This must be done. We even went out to dinner and enjoyed our time out.

On Monday the gym was sterile. Immaculately clean. We kept a 6 foot bubble from everyone else in class and thorough wiped down everything we touched.

Tuesday the gym was closed.

Wednesday most businesses were closed.

Thursday everything non-essential was closed.

Friday reality really set in. This is going to last a while. New York has become essentially fully locked down.

Saturday the weather was nice(ish). We were outside, went for walks as a family — keeping our 6 foot bubble mind you — and it was so odd to see everyone else in the neighborhood out and about. We waved and chatted from a distance. Everyone is fine and "making the best of it". I know we all probably are battling low-to-high level anxiety, but I'm trusting in God. Good will come out of this disaster.

I don't know if we're still closing on this house. I don't know what we'll be doing a week from now, honestly. But we're okay. We're healthy, we're together, and we have enough savings to last us a little while. We're blessed and looking for ways to help others through this.

I have no eloquent words to wrap this up. We're here and we're waiting to see what happens.

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