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May 12th, 2020...It's been a little while, journal. I've thought about writing here many times but so much has happened since the last entry I don't even know where to start.

We've moved! There's a good place. That's the biggest nugget of news. We are in our Florida house and the trip, closing, and cargo pod unloading are all behind us. The kitchen and our bedrooms are set up, and — while the house lacks decor (and sofas) — it's quickly beginning to feel like home.

Each morning I step outside and look out over our lanai and — just like I imagined a hundred times — just smile. The warm air, cool breeze, and sunlight filtering through the trees makes me feel alive in ways I haven't felt in a long, long time.

The lanai

The noise of the pandemic, both the limiations and the oppression it brings, feel so distant and faint here. In New York it felt like I was being strangled, beaten into the ground, and waterboarded. But here? A mild concern while shopping, if anything at all. The differences are so stark, I wish everyone could quarentine here. It's so good for the soul.

There are so many little stories, setbacks, and victories along the process of moving, it will take me a long time to unpack them all. But at least I'm writing again. I needed to pop the cork. 🎉

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