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February 15th, 2020...My brother Joseph got engaged on Wednesday! Holy crap. My kid brother. I know he's 24, but still. I kinda didn't expect it so soon because Kayla is 21, but hey, who am I to judge? Sounds like they're aiming for September 20. That marks the 3rd event we'll be coming back up to NY for later this year. I'm not complaining. It's a chance to see Jamie and Tom.

Ellie was been sick with a fever for a week. The first few days it was up around 103º but the rest of the time was low-grade. Poor thing. She finally kicked it today, but not before giving whatever it is to the boys. Thus, the week has been really chill. Lots of movies, video games, and napping on the couch.

So far Jen and I haven't gotten sick. I hope it's because we have immaculate immune systems and because it's coming tomorrow. I'd like to think it's because our diet has been so good the last few weeks.

I'm down a couple pounds and feel pretty good. As much as I tell myself all I really want is a body composition change, I'd love to see that needle down a bit further. 190.8 lb is my low for the week. I would really like to see 180 before we move to Florida.

Pretty happy with Statamic progress this week. Focused really hard on the UI and the results actually make me smile. I'll take it.

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