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February 1st, 2020...Woke up and deadlifted, tried to get into Bloodborne again (couldn’t), tried to get into Beyond Two Souls (interrupted), then took the kids to the trampoline park. We’ve been trapped in the house and they needed it.

Later that day

We watched Avengers: End Game as a family. We had worked our way through all the prerequisite movies. The Infinity War cliff hanger had been building suspense for two weeks, and it was time.


They all loved it. I expected more laughs at fat Thor and tears at Tony’s death and memorial - though there weren’t none. “I love you three thousand” still made me choke up. I always put myself in the place of fathers in movies.

My favorite moment by far was Ellie’s reaction to entire gang portaling onto the battlefield right at the apex of the battle. She began cheering and bouncing around in a circle, and kept it up the entire length of the sequence.

After the movie, I tucked Ellie into bed room I told her “I love you 138” - her special “big number”. She told me she loves me 139 and we both smiled nice and big. Then I said if she didn’t go to sleep, I’d sell her toys. The boys laughed maniacally across the hall. I’m not above stealing a good line to make a great moment :)

Not a bad day.

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